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News from the Executive Board

  • The Japanese Pharmacological Society is continuously reforming toward internationalization.
  • The Japanese Pharmacological Society and The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics will jointly organize and host the Eighth IUPHAR World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2018) to be held in Kyoto.

    Past Venues of the IUPHAR World Congresses
    1961 Stockholm, Sweden
    1963 Prague, Czechoslovakia
    1966 São Paolo, Brazil
    1969 Basel, Switzerland
    1972 San Francisco, USA
    1975 Helsinki, Finland
    1978 Paris, France
    1981 Tokyo, Japan
    1984 London, UK
    1987 Sydney, Australia
    1990 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    1994 Montréal, Canada
    1996 Buenos Aires, Argentina *(Clinical Pharmacology)
    1998 Munich, Germany
    2000 Florence, Italy *(Clinical Pharmacology)
    2002 San Francisco, USA
    2004 Brisbane, Australia *(Clinical Pharmacology)
    2006 Beijing, China
    2008 Québec City, Canada *(Clinical Pharmacology)
    2010 Copenhagen, Denmark
    2014 Cape Town, South Africa
    2018 Kyoto, Japan